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IHAV was approached by a long term client at the beginning of COVID-19 to setup a home office studio that would be used for weekly Zoom training to clients all around the world.

A large LCD TV was installed on the studio wall to show the main presentation. This formed part of the main set. Three HD cameras were placed in the studio to create a variety of angles and close up on a flip chart that forms an important part of the show.

The presenter needed the capability to view the Zoom chat window at all times to interact with guests live and also view their PowerPoint Presenter window, all whilst keeping the camera eye line correct. We carefully placed a foldback monitor and their presentation laptop on the set to achieve these requirements. 

For audio, a wireless headset microphone was connected to an audio desk for maximum quality control.  This gives the presenter freedom to roam around the set without worrying about cables.

Soft track lighting was installed on the ceiling to give even coverage on the set. 

Did we mention they can record their presentation by plugging a USB drive into the vision mixer and pressing one button? Super simple and cost effective. 

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