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8 cities.    3000 events per year.   20,000 events and counting.   

This works.
It’s possible to save time and money when you know where to extract it from without it impacting the performance, consistency, and reputation of your event… factors that also have a direct impact on your brand and business.

We’re in a hurry…

We’re in a hurry to help you see what you’re capable of because your event should be growing faster than you can comfortably fit it.

We’re in a hurry to help you see what your impact could look like if you decide to level up and play a bigger game.

We’re in a hurry to support you scale your events successfully yet seamlessly – and provide you with the confidence to know that we got your back.

On a mission.

Almost all the leaders and experienced event managers we work with are in a hurry too. Like you they have busy lives, busy schedules and want to level up faster.

We’re on a mission to change the way event managers like you level up. We’re honored to have got this far with you as you look to take the next steps…whatever they may be.

We’re here to help you level up when you are ready.

It costs nothing to know you have the right AV partner.

Leap forward. Level up. 

If you decide that this is right for you and your business, we look forward to leaping together. If you’d like to review your AV costs and services, please:

Call me on 1300 669 235 or Or email me at with your current AV specifications.

I’ll create and send you an obligation-free proposal within 24 hours.

Kind regards,


We’re here to help.

We help entrepreneurs and corporates get more of their wishes granted by providing them with a Managed Audio Visual solution that is cost-effective, reliable and scalable based on their needs.

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