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Like you, we’re typically running at 100 kilometers per hour….

So… we took a short break to survey our top and most experienced event managers (as you are aware) to find out how they level up and continue to deliver successful events all over Australia.

Same sh*t, different states.

The overarching questions when we talk about scaling is “When you are not using a regular supplier in different states, what pain points do you have?”

This tends to be the case when you are running a larger event that your current venue cannot accommodate your growth, or you may be delivering your first event in a different state, and testing out your first of many roadshows events around Australia.

For a snapshot, the pain points are:

The devilish detail.

To explain one of the points above, when most of the businesses and event managers hire their AV Team, they expect the team to understand the flow of the event and seamlessly integrate with the event team, or at least get accustomed to the flow as quickly as possible. 

Whether it be a specific cue from the presenter to play the given sound or music when something exciting happens or dim the lights when there is an important “life-changing” reflective moment about to happen… the AV team need to be invested in the ‘moments’ that make the event… and be on top of their game to deliver these moments.

The AV team have to be invested the same way the event manager is invested.
The same way the business is invested.

This intricate and intimate knowledge of the sequence of events and executing these precisely can lead to the overall success of the event, closing of multiple sales, creation of a loyal following… or not.

There is no line item in the quotes that show you the value of a highly invested AV team, but delivering the defining moments at your event can make a huge difference to your bottom line.

The detail we go through for your success.

What we do at IHAV to meet our customer’s expectations (and resolve the pain points above) is that we have staff and an AV warehouse in each capital city.

We can provide the same price for your event at any venue.

We combine this with a great price, also include one dedicated account manager to co-ordinate your events Australia-wide with the same friendly technicians in each city that know your event.

Our technicians also keep detailed documentation of your event so it’s set up exactly the same each time, no matter which state. When challenges happen, (and sometimes they do!) they are noted in the documentation and passed to the next technician running the event, so the same challenges don’t happen again, saving you the time of having to explain it again and again at each venue.

If you’d like a free review of your AV costs and services for your next or future event, please feel free to get in touch with me.

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Fully Managed AV solution. Australia-wide.

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