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Mobile studio in action

IHAV came with the solutions to ensure it was business as usual. * Remote voting for attendees online * Live vision switch from remote and in-room presenters  * Stage lighting  * Professional audio and stage microphones  * Remote vier foldback monitors * 2 x camera for multiple camera angles. The client was happy with the […]

Remote / Hybrid – National multi-day conference

National multi-day property conference for a long term client with guests located all around Australia. Previously, all guests from around Australia would fly in to attend in-person and stay in local accommodation.  Due to Covid-19 related border closures and presenters located in differing states preventing travel, the client asked us for a hybrid solution to […]

Live stream – annual general meeting (AGM)

AGM Live Stream

With the current social distancing,  Our client decided to take their annual general meeting  (AGM) yearly gathering online. IHAV came with the solutions to ensure it was business as usual. * Remote voting for attendees online * Live vision switch from remote and in-room presenters  * Stage lighting  * Professional audio and stage microphones  * Remote vier foldback […]

Concept to completion

Our client, a leading conference producer needed an interactive solution for displaying their virtual guest alongside their live guest speakers as well as a audio visual support. With a highly skilled professional team working together, using common sense and practical experience we came with the below solutions – We set up 2 large LED Pliers […]

Hybrid Event Solutions Via Zoom

 IHAV was called upon by a regular client to help level up their online Zoom meetings and configure a professional look for their zoom audience. This involved  2 cameras to capture all the different angles on stage with an operator to switch live during the event.  The online viewers saw a side by side PowerPoint […]

Online Viewer Content Design

Create a professional backdrop with lower thirds logos As a starting point to you live event- branding is essential. We can overlay any content at anytime during your live stream and at any position of your choosing.  Our clients tend to lean toward lower third logos, leaving plenty of room for the content above. Overlay […]

Hybrid Event – Online and Live

IHAV was called upon by a long time client to add a streaming component to their regular in-person event to expand the reach of their event around the world. This involved four cameras to capture all the different angles and excitement in the conference room and a live interview station in the foyer where online […]

Live Hybrid Event Streamed to Vimeo and the Clients Website

Hybrid Events

IHAV was engaged to live stream an event, due to Covid restrictions limiting the number of people in the room. We helped the client produce the following solutions; * Live stream to the client’s website via an embedded code* Live stream direct to Vimeo* Live stream the event to the room next door with the […]

Zoom, Microsoft Teams and a live audience – Live Hybrid Interactive bootcamp

IHAV was engaged to provide audio and video sends to Zoom, Microsoft Teams and the Live Audience. Each platform could interact live with each other as well as observing the live audience.  Two video cameras were set up in the live audience to capture the lectern and also the audience Q & A. Zoom and Microsoft […]

Live Interactive Audience Q & A via Zoom

A regular client wanted to get people all around the world involved in their event discussing ground-breaking housing solutions for everyday Australians. While some people attended in-person, others logged on from their comfort of their lounge rooms. Each viewer could ask questions live from Zoom, while simultaneously watching the presentation; slides in crystal-clear resolution and multiple HD camera angles of the in-room […]

Audio Visual & Streaming Help

Our client, a video editor, for a education company, contacted us to provide an AV and streaming solution for their up-coming event.  Part of their brief was to involve the online guests and ensure they received exceptional value-for-money.  We composited a clean side-by-side output showing the slides in crystal-clear resolution and different camera angles of the presenter. All of which was recorded in HD […]

Mobile Zoom Streaming Studio

Multiple Camera Angles Live Vision Swiching IHAV was approached by a long term client at the beginning of COVID-19 to setup a home office studio that would be used for weekly Zoom training to clients all around the world. A large LCD TV was installed on the studio wall to show the main presentation. This formed part […]

Next level mobile streaming studio & audio visual hire

IHAV was appointed as the preferred AV supplier in our client’s purpose-built function centre in the Sunshine Coast. Consulting on the AV design of the build we ensured the space was both AV-friendly and cost-effective.One of their first events was a conference for 250 people on real estate secrets. IHAV designed a custom live stream […]

Highly Interactive Zoom Call

Client Brief: Create an interactive zoom call with multiple camera angles, pin audience for Q & A, Breakout session and an impressive led screen for background graphics. Location Studio Cameras 3 in person 0 Microphones 4 virtual 350 Platform ZOOM Sessions 3 Days 22 Sessions Pre records 4 LED Screen Backdrop Zoom Foldback Monitors […]

A venue can make or break an event

A quick question. What’s the first thing you look for when researching venues for your event?Perhaps it’s the price?    Layout?    Maybe even the acoustics.All events have unique requirements, but one thing is for sure. Managing an event is no easy feat. From securing the right prices through to nailing the sound system, it’s easy […]

It costs nothing to know you have the right AV partner

8 cities.    3000 events per year.   20,000 events and counting.    This works.It’s possible to save time and money when you know where to extract it from without it impacting the performance, consistency, and reputation of your event… factors that also have a direct impact on your brand and business. We’re in a hurry… We’re […]

Fully Managed AV solutions. Australia-wide.

Like you, we’re typically running at 100 kilometers per hour…. So… we took a short break to survey our top and most experienced event managers (as you are aware) to find out how they level up and continue to deliver successful events all over Australia. Same sh*t, different states. The overarching questions when we talk […]